About Us

Since its inception in 2000, Tan FX Tanning Studio and Boutique has become the fastest growing indoor tanning franchise in Canada through years of developing a company philosophy of offering a spa-like atmosphere with unparalleled customer service. As industry leaders Tan FX, has set uncompromising quality control and cleanliness standards to ensure each of their guest’s expectations are surpassed. With immense loyalty to their partners Tan FX continues to work with companies that they have had long standing relationships to offer a diverse selection of premium professional indoor products, accessories and tanning services to choose from.

Tan FX is dedicated to the growth of the industry and their business, steps were taken to ensure they were key players when it came to changes in regulations and guidelines within the industry. Tan FX co-founded the JCTA (Joint Canadian Tanning Association) which is an organization that provides information and awareness on responsible indoor tanning services. Tan FX also played an instrumental part with Health Canada to coordinate the working group responsible for outlining and implementing indoor tanning regulations within the Province of Manitoba. These procedural standards are also maintained in all locations throughout Canada. With passion and commitment to continue educating their guests and public Tan FX provides ongoing education of UV exposure and the development and benefits of Vitamin D by distributing current material and information through their social media platforms and website.

Philanthropy is at the heart of Tan FX Studio and Boutique, with campaigns to support initiatives like Bell Let’s Talk and partnering up with organizations like Ronald McDonald House and the Humane Society are a few examples of how Tan FX offers support which help improve the communities they live in.

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary Tan FX rebranded to focus on strength and commitment to their clients and the indoor tanning industry. The new Tan FX brand is one that reflects their longevity in the industry and supports the direction in which the company is growing. With adapting to this ever-changing business, Tan FX continues to diversify with new concepts that support their vision. With continued commitment to the industry Tan FX Tanning Salon & Boutique offers a variety of additional services like Sunless, Red Light Therapy and Fit Body treatments to their clients.

Tan FX has established itself as a friendly and comfortable approach to tanning throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. This past year Tan FX opened its first location in Atlantic Canada, with development plans that reach the national level. Tan FX has franchise opportunities available in city centers and rural markets throughout Canada and strive to be represented as Canada’s Premier Tanning salon not only in the provinces that are currently established but in cities and towns from coast to coast.

Tan FX’s continued growth and ongoing expansions ensure that incoming franchisees are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of the company’s build out experience and unparalleled construction standards. Tan FX’s Corporate team provides a true turnkey experience for incoming franchisees which includes overseeing salon build outs, staging and onsite training for owners and staff. Franchisees can also follow Tan FX’s step by step build out guide to construct their very own salon, or through the conversion program take an existing location and transition it to a Tan FX Tanning Studio and Boutique.